10 Cat Hyperthyroidism Symptoms

A cat's thyroid gland overproduces hormones in hyperthyroidism, increasing metabolism. The disease increases energy expenditure and weight loss. 

Hyperthyroidism causes a cat's thyroid gland to overproduce hormones, increasing energy consumption and appetite. Metabolic overdrive keeps cats hungry despite weight reduction.

Hyperthyroidism raised metabolic rates, increasing water consumption and urine. High hormone levels boost renal activity and urine output. 

Cat hyperthyroidism often causes hyperactivity. Elevated levels cause nervous system stimulation and restlessness. This metabolic state boosts energy and impulsivity, causing hyperactivity.

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High thyroid hormone levels can dry skin and tangle fur by disrupting oil production. An faster metabolism diverts energy from self-care. Thus, a neglected coat can indicate feline hyperthyroidism.

Thyroid hormones accelerate and strengthen cardiac contractions. Hyperthyroidism's metabolic overdrive increases heart activity.

Keratin, the nail protein, is affected by hyperthyroidism's metabolism. As thyroid hormones rise, nail growth thickens and hardens.

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