10 Signs of an Unhappy Dog

Appetite change A lack of appetite may indicate a sick pet. Some unhappy dogs console themselves with food. Whether they eat more or less can reveal their emotions.

Retreat and Hide When a dog is upset, they may disappear about the house to find comfort. If this hide-and-seek game has no obvious cause, like fireworks

Sleep Disorders If your pet starts sleeping more or has sleeplessness, they may be unhappy. Your pet's sleep variations indicate depression or anxiety

Playtime Aversion Depression might make dogs hesitant to move. Experts warn that they may not jump or sprint to the door when you grab their leash or respond to a stroll.

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Social Estrangement Golden retrievers and Labradors, which are outgoing and loving, love people. When depressed, dogs also lose interest in playing with their furry friends

Energy Loss It may be more than age if your pet is lazing more and not as interested in household activities. A rapid change or excessive slumber may indicate doggy blues.

Restless Pacing Just like humans, dogs can have anxiety and despair. Pacing around the house may indicate boredom and depression in your pet.

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