11 American Foods Nobody Wants to Eat

Midwesterners love lime Jell-O salad with cottage cheese and canned fruit. Its popularity has diminished because to Americans' changing tastes. 

A casserole with canned veggies, ground beef, and cream soup plus tater tots or potato chips is another Midwestern classic. 

Spam, a canned pork shoulder and ham product, became popular during World War II as an economical protein source. However, poverty and poor food are linked to it. 

Pennsylvania Dutch scrapple is made with pig scraps, cornmeal, and seasonings. The loaf is sliced for cooking.

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Liver and onions are a centuries-old dish. Fried liver slices with sautéed onions and mashed potatoes are presented. Though long-standing, this dish has gone out of favor recently.

Southerners make chitterlings from boiling or fried pig intestines. Many non-African Americans dislike them, even though African Americans have eaten them for centuries.

Rocky Mountain oysters are fried bull or pig testicles, not seafood. Western Americans love this cuisine. Many people still oppose consuming animal reproductive organs.

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