Cake with Banana Pudding and Poke 

This cake is sure to satisfy your sweet desire with its combination of banana pudding, whipped cream, and yellow cake mix.  

Is banana pudding good for you? If that's the case, then you're going to love this cake!  

The most delicious dessert ever! Because it is so delicious, tender, and hard to resist, this cake is a household favorite. 

A cake with all the deliciousness of traditional banana pudding! 

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Actually, my S'mores Poke Cake was the cake that inspired this one. 

As I savored each bite, my mind wandered to other possible flavor combinations; banana pudding being the first that sprang to mind.  

With just a few simple ingredients, it came together in no time at all, and now it's a summertime staple in my family's diet! 

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