Breeds of Dogs That Are Most Popular Because They Love Cuddling 

From animal shelters, my husband and I have rescued a variety of dogs, both large and little, and they are all wonderfully loving. 

For example, our 88-pound Labrador retriever mix named Rio was so incredibly affectionate with everyone he encountered that he decided to learn to be a therapy dog.  

We went on hospital visits together because of how much joy he brought to everyone's lives. 

Peach, our 8-pound tiny poodle, hoarded her love for us and insisted on spending every moment cuddled up to one of us.  

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Tux, our Yorkshire terrier mix, is so good at giving and getting kisses and hugs that he will often stop in the middle of the street to ask random people to pet him. 

The most popular dog breeds tend to be those with a reputation for being very lovable, which is not surprising.  

While this is an extensive list of the most loving dog breeds, there are exceptions to every group, so bear that in mind as you read on.  

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