Cutest Black Dog Breed

Out of all the many dog breeds that there are in the world, black dog breeds have a special place in our hearts.  

These cuties tend to have soulful brown eyes and cute little black noses, and who can resist a pink tongue lolling out of a sweet black doggo’s mouth after a run in the park 

Some just really prefer a dog with a lighter coat because, during adoption, they can see more clearly the expressions on the dog’s face 

Of course, black dog breeds are no less sweet and friendly than any other dog, just as black cat breeds (who are often also passed over at the adoption center) are just as cuddly as any other cat 

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Veterinary tech Amber LaRock furnished us with a list of all the black dog breeds out there, and there’s no doubt that black dogs are found among the cutest dog breeds.  

This gorgeous continental herder only comes in black, or occasionally in black and white, making them one of the best black dog breeds 

If this furry fellow reminds you of a Giant Schnauzer, a Newfoundland, or an Airedale Terrier, you’d be correct. Specially bred in the 1930s from all of those breeds 

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