Dog Breeds Most Popular in America by American Kennel Club for 2023 

"The French Bulldog's popularity shows no signs of slowing down," says the American Kennel Club. 

These adorable bat-eared friends are a common sight, especially in urban areas.  

The French Bulldog's registration ranks have progressively increased over the past eleven years, reaching No. 14 in 2012.  

The Frenchies reached number two in 2021 and formally took up the top place the following year.  

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A relatively recent canine breed, the French Bulldog has its start in mid-nineteenth-century Paris, France. 

Developed in the 1800s as a lapdog and companion dog, this breed was a product of selective breeding between native ratting breeds  

and Toy Bulldogs brought over from England. So, why are these adorable canines so well-liked?  

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