Eat Great Comfort Food At Your State's Best Mom-And-Pop Restaurant

Sunday dinners with ham, fried chicken, or meatloaf, collard greens, cream potatoes, and corn draw a large crowd. 

Buttermilk coats the chicken, which is battered and pan-fried to perfection. Include coleslaw and corn muffins. The big cheeseburger is also recommended.

Randy's is recognized for its delicious sweets, from hot fudge-covered ice cream to baked bread and rice puddings.

Doe's is still a neighborhood favorite with its 'world famous' hot tamales with chili and T-bone, porterhouse, and sirloin steaks.

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Popular dishes include the cinnamon-laced coffee cake, banana crunch French toast, and four-egg omelets and scrambles with spicy chorizo and pig machaca.

Pasadena's Pie ‘n Burger has served simple, perfectly cooked burgers with high-quality fresh ground beef and handmade thousand island dressing.

Cora Faye's, a 'quaint family-run parlor,' has garnered many followers since opening in 2006. Priscilla Smith named the restaurant after her mother, Cora, and sister, Faye.

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