Fast Food Coleslaw Ranked Worst To Best

Without its tangy display, no emblem of Americana cuisine like the grillout (or, more recently, the drive-thru) would be whole.  

You might picture a tall glass of water, but what we're really talking about is coleslaw,  

a vibrant salad made with shredded cabbage, minced carrots, and a vinegar or mayonnaise dressing that will make your mouth tingle. 

You can get a serving with your chicken, seafood, or burgers when you visit our favorite fast food restaurants. 

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In reality, several eateries have gone above and above by creating their own special recipes,  

which often involve unconventional methods of slicing vegetables or combining ingredients.  

However, in today's fast-food joints where quality isn't always a priority, coleslaw can be a real challenge to perfect. 

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