Find Word Ride Hidden in 7 Seconds to test your investigative abilities

The secret is being able to carefully look at the way the letters are arranged and find the unique pattern that makes out the secret word.

Keep an eye out for the small changes in the order; the letters are cleverly woven together to make the hidden word. 

Figure out the puzzle before time runs out. To win this brain game, you need to be very focused and think quickly. 

You have great cognitive skills and logical thinking, as shown by this brain teaser. 

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Because the number 18 is put in a way that makes sense, it often takes a sharp eye to tell its shape apart from the others.

The answer is to find the specific set of letters that make up the word that are smartly hidden in the bigger set.

Pay close attention to the picture; the Hidden Word Ride can be seen in the area that has been underlined. 

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