Five bodyweight, no-jump workouts to burn calories and improve muscle

Consider yourself to be in a bit of a "slump"? Are you having trouble getting motivated to go out of the home and go to the gym?

Don't worry, these emotions are very common at this time of year. We've identified an exercise you can do right from home without any special equipment. 

Your heart rate will increase as a result, increasing calorie burn. Additionally, because it doesn't need any jumping, it is low-impact and easy on the joints.

This bodyweight exercise is a timed circuit, which is an excellent way to burn a lot of calories.

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Marches in standing Not a burpee leap.

Changing up your lunges Do a 30-second knee drive on each side. To squat, bend at the knees.

Here's a bodyweight arm, shoulder, and chest workout or a bodyweight leg and glute routine if you want to start focusing on your upper and lower body in particular.

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