For every potluck, bring this macaroni salad. 

It is easy to put together, and when it is done correctly, it is a creamy and bright addition to any party, potluck, or picnic spread. 

Done incorrectly, however? It is a huge letdown to have a mac salad that is either bland, mushy, or dry. 

Instead of purchasing a store-bought mac salad, you should try making this recipe instead, which is sure to be a show-stopper regardless of the circumstances. 

Please continue reading for additional information that will help you make it the best it can be, every time: We hope you have a wonderful time.  

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The key to having a glossy mac salad is to not overdo it with the mayonnaise and to have a sufficient quantity of acid  

(in this case, lemon juice) to loosen up the dressing. This will prevent you from having a goopy mess on your hands. 

Make sure the pasta is cooked to perfection. It is important to remember that pasta should always be cooked until it is al dente. 

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