Foreigners' Top 12 American Foods

Cheesey potatoes, how do we love you? First, gooey, melty cheese improves everything. Then there's nice, fluffy potatoes that fill you up. 

Discuss S'mores.  A crispy graham cracker, melty chocolate, and a gooey, roasted marshmallow make up this treat.

Lobster meat and mayonnaise in a soft roll are loved globally, especially by US tourists. However, lobster rolls are outrageously pricey, with most costing $25 or more!

Key Lime Pie Is it cake? Is it pie? An ice cream dish? Travelers to America always agree: Key Lime Pie is excellent. Who am I to disagree?

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The world envies Americans' dessert and sweet-baking skills! Chocolate chip cookies are special because no other country achieves them. American style is sloppy and tasty. 

Krispy Kreme sold fresh-baked donuts to create its business strategy. You can often eat donuts produced seconds ago.

Louisiana's melting pot culture is celebrated in gumbo. French, African, and Native American flavors blend in this substantial stew.

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