Friendly Canines for Cat Owners 

Some canine breeds, especially herding, sighthound, and terrier varieties, just aren't compatible with even the most laid-back cats.  

Naturally, every dog is unique, but herding dogs have an innate tendency to "herd" prey, even if it's a tiny child or a cat.  

Furthermore, sighthounds and terriers may find it difficult to control their urges to chase after a cat because of the prey drive it triggers. 

Although this is the case, there are still several canine breeds that are cat-friendly. 

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Popular dog breeds include those that are easygoing and docile, qualities that could make them the ideal housemate for cats.  

This list of the top dogs for cats was compiled after consulting with three animal experts. 

Given these characteristics, the Bassett hound is a top choice among cat-friendly dog breeds. 

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