Home Strength Workouts for Women to Lose Weight  

Grab two dumbbells at your shoulders. Keep your core tight as you tilt your hips back and squat to the floor until your quads are parallel.  

Secure a resistance band to a sturdy pole/beam. Get good band tension by gripping the handles with your palms facing each other and stepping back  

After pulling the handles toward you, squeeze your shoulder blades. Try another rep with straight arms and forward shoulder blades.  

A dumbbell in each hand. Step forward with one leg and plant your foot. Control your descent until your back knee meets the ground. Walk forward with your other leg, repeat.  

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Bend forward 45 degrees with two lighter dumbbells. Pull your arms back toward you, gripping the back of your shoulders at the top, keeping your chest high and core firm  

Put a dumbbell between your legs. Keep your back straight and hold the dumbbell's top with both hands. Driving through your legs and hips, squeeze your glutes firmly at the top.   

Lay flat on an exercise bench with dumbbells in each hand. Hold your arms overhead. Lower the weights with elbows slightly tucked. When the bottom stretches well, press the weights up. At the peak  

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