In 8 seconds, only 3% can spot 18 out of 10. May you?

Start our Brain Test, a task that will test how well you can notice things. 

carefully look at the arrangement and keep an eye out for the unique shape and arrangement that makes up the number 18. 

Focus and think for a moment. Then, see if you can beat the odds and become one of the few people who have mastered

When you looked closely at how the numbers were arranged, it might have been hard to find the number 18

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Because the number 18 is put in a way that makes sense, it often takes a sharp eye to tell its shape apart from the others.

The answer, which is usually found by looking at the mixture of digits, is to figure out the exact way that the digits are arranged to make the number 18.

Improve your ability to observe, and enjoy the thrill of beating brain tests that test your intelligence to the max!

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