March Zodiacs Who Are Bold Enough To Go After Their Dreams 

Just getting through each day, paying the rent, and doing the very minimum to keep things above water has been everything.  

Refusing to give in to the overwhelming feeling of drowning, regardless of how much pressure or fatigue you're under.  

Pisces has been struggling with a dream. One that they haven't given in to or given any real thought to previously. 

This dream is terrifying. One with significant consequences that would force them to abandon what they hold dear and rely on.  

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They keep thinking about it, though, and they can't get rid of that little voice at the back of their mind.  

Capricorn has been hesitant to speak out. To stand up and beg for the opportunity to follow their dream.  

Instead, they have believed that if they remain focused, diligent, and keep their heads down, success will find them.  

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