Nutrient-Dense, Low-Carb Morning Recipes 

Cut out carbs first thing in the morning for a variety of reasons: Perhaps you've heard of the ketogenic diet.  

Perhaps you're tired of the same old huge, bread-heavy breakfasts and are looking to shake things up. 

Perhaps by 10 o'clock in the morning you would like to have avoided a carb coma.  

For people who are following a gluten-free or ketogenic diet, low-carb breakfast options are ideal. 

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It is much easier to stay on track with your macronutrient goals when you have recipes that are compatible with them already prepared.  

Low-carb diets tend to have a lot of protein. Feeling full for longer and controlling your hunger levels all day long are two benefits of eating a high-protein breakfast. 

Breakfasts low in carbohydrates also aid in avoiding blood sugar rises, according to the research.  

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