Just 2% Can Find the Different Penguin in 10 Seconds 

Optical illusions are not IQ tests; they are just meant to be fun to look at. 

There are a lot of penguins here, and they all look the same. One of them is a little different, though. 

Being alert is the best way to find the different penguin. Use a magnifying glass to look at each penguin as if you were a detective.  

Look at the penguins' stance, markings, and even their accessories—some of them may even be wearing something cool! 

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It could be a small change in color, less detail on the body, or something extra you wouldn't usually see on a penguin.

At times, taking a break and coming back with fresh eyes can help you see things differently and find the strange thing.  

That was smart, detective! You have shown that you are a very good observer and beaten the illusion 

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