Peanut Butter Recipes That Outshine Store-Bought Spread 

This list of irresistible foods features nothing but peanut butter. 

From breakfast French toast to Rice Krispies treats with a peanut butter twist, dessert cheesecake, 

fudge, and more, this selection of peanut butter recipes has it all.  

The chocolate pudding, peanut butter icing, and peanut butter candy make up this poke cake that is chock-full of peanut butter flavor. 

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For a modern take on a classic dish, try this French toast with peanut butter & jelly.  

Once fried to a lovely golden brown, the fruity jam goes wonderfully with the peanut butter. 

In these Reese's Rice Krispies candies, two of our favorite desserts come together in a single bite. 

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