Sandwich Ideas Other Than PB&J 

The traditional sandwich combination of ham and cheese is elevated to a whole new level by these cheesy melts.  

It takes little time to layer a pan of slider-sized buns, and it's finished with a horseradish, poppy seed, and brown sugar glaze.  

Fans of Reubens are usually picky eaters, and this recipe receives high praise. 

This traditional deli meal is made with homemade thousand island dressing, rye bread, and corned beef that you can prepare at home. 

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A excellent club sandwich strikes a balance between sweet-tangy condiments and savory deli meat, cheese, and bacon.  

With a strong flavor punch, this highly regarded club slather on mayo, mustard, honey, and cranberry sauce. 

This is excellent any time of year, but after Thanksgiving it's usually best served with any leftover cranberry sauce. 

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