Stick to These Greek Yogurt Brands Only 

Companies like Chobani and Fage used smart advertising to build a Greek yogurt market in the United States. 

Despite the marketing hoopla, Greek yogurt quickly became a market favorite in the United States thanks to its thicker consistency, higher protein content, and tangier flavor. 

A number of other companies have entered the Greek yogurt market since then.  

Settle in with a spoon and a chair because 24/7 Wall St. has compiled a list of 10 Greek yogurt companies, including both old favorites and up-and-coming contenders. 

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Every one of these businesses has a history, from the Greeks to the Grateful Dead! 

This brand's name has two syllables? I had no clue until I began researching for this topic. 

The Filippou family still owns and operates the business, which was first introduced in Greece in 1926.  

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