The 10 Best Exercises for Your Cat, According to Veterinarians

Use feeding puzzles or slow feeders to make mealtime fun and educational. The slow feeder below encourages cats to hit a mouse before eating

Owners with limited time might encourage fitness using automated laser toys like the one below. This motion-activated model can exercise kitten while you're at work or on vacation.

There are several videos showing cats pursuing laser pointers. They get frustrated when they never ‘catch’ the pointer. Instead, use a wand toy, a rod with a featherlike ‘prey’.

Small servings in different places force individuals to move to finish their meal. Keep them interested with diverse food textures. Just ensure their calorie intake doesn't exceed their calorie burn.

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Motorized mice don't leave droppings all over your house, and they don't have that ick element when your kitten captures a mouse and proudly presents it to you

hide-and-seek with food or toys to encourage hunting. When you're short on time, a hide-and-seek toy like the one below may become your cat's favorite

Some cats have no 'inner hunter' and won't play with toys. You can use a highly attractive reward or toy to motivate these cats to complete obstacle courses.

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