The Most Underappreciated Verdant Symbol for Every Zodiac Sign 

You don't play mind games or try to show dominance by waiting three weeks to reply to someone's urgent text when the problem is serious.  

When someone you care about asks for your opinion or counsel, you give them the truth, not sugarcoat it.  

And you always make sure to say things in a way that isn't degrading, even if they need to hear something bad about themselves. 

You will attempt a million times till you succeed. Until you succeed, you will pretend. 

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Giving up is not your nature. You don't rest until you've had the reward in your hands. 

Regardless of your personal beliefs, you can't deny that the universal desire for forgiveness is at the heart of Christianity's enduring allure. 

As Nelson Mandela wisely put it, "Resentment is like drinking poison and hoping it will kill your enemies." 

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