The State-Specific Main Dish 

What individuals are most fond of putting in them differs from one place to another according to what is popular, readily available, and traditionally used there. 

Here you may find the famous casseroles from every state, along with their recipes and components. 

One of the many options for your meat-and-three or family dinners at home is squash casserole, a classic Southern dish made with the yellow squash that grows abundantly in the summer.  

Butter, mayonnaise, three types of cheese, and toasted, crunchy Ritz crackers are all ingredients that enhance the flavor of veggies in this recipe.  

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This smoked salmon pot pie, baked in a cast-iron skillet, is a wonderful way to enjoy the ubiquitous salmon in Alaskan cuisine.  

The creamy sauce is enhanced with dill and lemon zest, which give it a unique flavor and go well with the salmon.  

To make a more substantial and effortless crust, instead of using a finicky pie dough, biscuit dough scented with fresh chives is drizzled over the top. 

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