This is the Ultimate Recipe for Carrot Cake, Perfect for Easter or Any Occasion! 

My recipe is straightforward, adaptable, and foolproof; it is the result of years of trial and error. 

In this case, carrots take center stage. Use a food processor or the wide holes of a box grater to finely chop them by hand. 

Using the pre-shredded carrots found in stores would be much more convenient.  

The dish turned out well and had just the right amount of moisture when I tried it using pre-shredded carrots.  

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Unlike other cakes, this one doesn't call for butter. Vegetable oil eliminates the need to use an electric mixer to cream sugar and butter.  

The alternative is a cake that is both easy to make and incredibly moist; all you have to do is mix the other ingredients with the vegetable oil. 

Its acidity combines with the baking soda to make the cake light and fluffy when baked. 

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