This Spring, the Zodiac Signs That Will Be the Center of Attention 

During this Aries season, it's best to follow your gut and take bold moves towards expressing yourself.  

For you, Taurus, the Aries season heralds a change to a more leisurely pace of living.  

As a fixed earth sign, you're most at ease in the spring when you start to notice how your surroundings reflect your personality. 

Leo Character energy is what you aspire to, Leo, since you are the sign connected with self-expression.  

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The fixed fire sign of Aries, with its cardinal qualities, offers you the motivation you've been seeking to take the next step in your journey.  

Libra, being the archenemy of Aries, this Aries season has intensified the ways in which you have been tested and forced to evolve.  

Ironically, these traits reflect the very things you've been trying to learn, even though they appear to go against your inherent character. 

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