This Spring, Zodiacs Want a Love Partner (But Won't Say It) 

Not every zodiac sign is ready to be as honest and vulnerable as Taurus, who openly states that they are seeking love.  

Leo  It's not that you're inherently a reclusive romantic. 

After a disastrous date, you'll be happy to brag about it to your buddies. 

Species of Scorpio You may be deceiving no one when you claim to be content being alone, but in reality, no one may believe you.  

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In fact, you're usually quite content to steer clear of the social traps and bothersome aspects of being in a committed relationship. 

Cancer, Gemini I hear you saying time and time again that taking on another human being will just make things more difficult for you. 

Easy is what you desire. Nobody wants you to change your way of life just so they can fit in.  

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