Tips to Make Your Baby Sleep Well at Night

Dim the lights and turn down the noise 30 minutes before bedtime. Try a warm bath, reading a tale, or singing lullabies.

Allowing your baby to master this ability will help them calm themselves back to sleep if they wake up in the middle of the night, giving you and your baby more uninterrupted sleep.

Newborns often fall asleep while eating, so avoid using feeding to bring them back to sleep. Transition feeding earlier in the nighttime routine

Ensure your infant is well-fed during the day to reduce nocturnal feedings. Monitor their feeding times and durations

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Proper daytime rest reduces overtiredness, helping your infant go asleep at night. Maintain a nap routine to help your baby's nocturnal sleep.

Do not hurry in when your kid wakes up at night. Allow them to self-soothe and sleep again. First try petting or shushing before picking them up

Bottles can cause dental and ear problems, so don't let your infant fall asleep with one. A pacifier can help your infant sleep better and provide comfort.

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