Top 5 Most Unfaithful Zodiac Sign

Twins symbolize Gemini's duality. Charisma and adaptability might lead to infidelity for Geminis.

Their restlessness and desire for novelty may lead individuals to seek stimulation outside of committed partnerships.

Sagittarians love independence and discovery. Although infectious, their spontaneity and passion may struggle with monogamy.

Their independence and curiosity might lead them astray.

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Scorpios are intense and value strong relationships. However, jealousy and powerful emotions might confuse their judgment, leading to infidelity.

Aries adore risk-taking and adventure. Although confident and determined, they may act impulsively without contemplating the repercussions.  

Libra values harmony and balance in relationships. Unfortunately, their indecision and need to please others can drive them to make dubious decisions. 

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