Top High-Maintenance Dog Breeds 

Hair is the hallmark of the Afghan Hound," stated the Afghan Hound Club of America in their official statement.  

This breed of sophisticated canines needs to be groomed frequently. 

" It is necessary to brush their lengthy coats on a daily basis in order to avoid tangles and tangling. 

At the very least twice a week, Afghan Hounds that are designed for show are given a bath, followed by a blow dry and a brushing. 

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Be prepared to bathe these dogs frequently with high-quality products in order to maintain the health of their skin and ensure that it remains moist. 

Leave your dog with plenty to eat, play with, and listen to if your schedule gets hectic, and then make up for lost time whenever possible.  

Akitas are working dogs that have a tendency to be reserved around unfamiliar people and easily agitated when they are around other dogs of the same gender. 

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