What the Zodiac and Tarot Tell You to Let Go of During the March 25th Lunar Eclipse 

(Horoscope readers, take note: you're leaving out some important information if you don't account for your rising sign.)  

Embrace the new by releasing the old, as the card of death suggests.  

Now that the sun in Aries is illuminating your first house of identity, you can't help but fantasize about starting over. 

The King of Swords is a rallying cry to speak your mind and stand by what you believe in. 

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In order to live a more genuine life, you must silence all the other voices and listen to your gut.  

You are preventing yourself from experiencing life's natural ups and downs and from seizing fresh possibilities because you are clinging so tightly to things. 

If you wish to be more receptive to the universe's offerings, seize this opportunity. 

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