Workaholic Zodiacs Who Plan to Retire in Their Fifties 

This vision recognizes the passing of time, the difficulties we face in life, and the joy that comes from triumphing over adversity. 

In this day and age of instant pleasure, the idea of delayed gratification—which these placards represent—seems more and more countercultural. 

With Saturn's stern but wise guidance, Capricorn lives life to the fullest, like a master builder working on their masterpiece.  

They devote their youth to building a future when they can freely enjoy such joys, rather than chasing after transient ones. 

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Mercury, the planet of analysis, helps Virgo face life's challenges with the methodical precision of a trained artist.  

They are the ones that see the value and promise in a life that is well-organized and planned.  

Time is money, and Virgos in their twenties know it better than anyone. 

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