Zodiacs With Useful Intuition Before the Lunar Eclipse 3/25 

A feeling of predetermined fate pervades the cosmos in the still, otherworldly hours preceding the moon eclipse.  

Cancer, your innate intuition blossoms like a nightflower under the gentle light of the lunar eclipse. 

This astronomical occurrence amplifies your innate emotional intelligence by revealing cosmic truths to your very core. 

Aquarius sign You can use your intuition like a paintbrush and the impending lunar eclipse as a canvas to bring your dreams to life, Pisces. 

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Make the most of this talent by allowing your innate intuition to transform abstract ideas into concrete plans for the future, thus illuminating previously opaque areas. 

Virgo  The moon eclipse will direct your attention to the universe's healing energies, which will greatly enhance your intuitive nature, Virgo.  

During this time, you can tap into your intuition to identify the parts of your life that need attention, making it an ideal time for self-care. 

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